Your Mission Control for Cybersecurity

Fully Managed 24x7 Global Security Operation — at Your Fingertips

Open Systems MDR+ mitigates threats and reduces risk by deploying a Mission Control on top of your existing Microsoft investments.

At the heart of the MDR+ service is Mission Control, the 24×7 global security operation responsible for the success of your mission – from beginning to end – so you can mitigate threats and reduce risk.

Mission Control combines certified experts, exemplary processes, and seamless technology that integrates with and extends the Microsoft 365 E5 Security stack. We combine our rich understanding of your environment with deep threat expertise to reduce your attack surface and your mean time to respond to threats.

Keeping Watch Over Your Business

We accomplish this by delivering on five areas that are essential to securing your environment.

Meeting the Skyrocketing Demand for MDR

Discover how Open Systems collaborates with Microsoft to solve the complexity of operationalizing security for our customers.

When You Need More, MDR+ Delivers

Our continuous assessment, prevention, detection, and response capabilities are delivered as a fully managed, 24×7 global service. We’ve got you covered.