Cybersecurity Mission Control Add-On Service for IoT and OT

24x7 Coverage for IoT and OT

Expanded adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity of Operational Technology (OT) has delivered unprecedented convenience and efficiency, while introducing new security risks. Open Systems MDR+ IoT, an add-on service to MDR+, delivers 24×7 threat detection for IoT and OT environments.

Expand Coverage, Reduce False Positives

MDR+ IoT leverages Microsoft Defender for IoT to get deep visibility into your IoT and OT environment. Open Systems Mission Control, our 24×7 global security operation, enhances the expanded telemetry from Defender for IoT with our own proprietary detection logic to correlate alerts, indicating threats that otherwise may go unnoticed. By combining IoT and OT telemetry with IT telemetry, Mission Control can detect threats with a higher degree of confidence, minimizing the noise traditionally created by IoT and OT monitoring solutions. When threats are detected, your designated Mission Control engineer recommends best practice responses to keep your environment safe.

Outcomes with MDR+ IoT

IoT and OT Protection Without the Noise

Mission Control delivers 24x7 detection and response, correlating alerts across your IoT and OT and IT environments for maximum coverage and minimal false positives .

Mitigate IoT and OT Specific Threats

IoT and OT-aware behavioral analysis provides insight into unique threats, triaging alerts and providing best practice response recommendations.

Maximize your Microsoft Investments

Get the most from your Microsoft Defender for IoT investment with an MDR service built specifically for the Microsoft security stack  .

Security, Efficiency and Convenience

Bring your IoT and OT security challenges. We’ll show you how our next-gen MDR+ service delivers global protection with unparalleled expertise in the Microsoft security suite. And, with the MDR+ IoT add-on service, get full visibility into your IoT and OT environments.