The MDR+ Difference

Delivering on Your Mission

Enterprises are drowning in security tools. With an average of 45 tools deployed, managing those tools has become burdensome and inefficient.

Security analysts are inundated by alerts on a daily basis and dealing with IT silos that result in prolonged investigation and slower response to threats.

As a result, 4 in 5 CISOs are seeking to consolidate their tools to help address these challenges and prove efficacy to their boards by aggregating metrics from multiple sources. And for organizations standardizing on Microsoft 365 E5 Security, creating an effective security operation still involves expertise and a deep understanding of the operational environment.

A Powerful Pairing

Ensuring your security is fully and effectively operational requires two key components:

Universal Control Plane

A universal control plane providing visibility and control over users, apps, and data making up your distributed, heterogeneous, dynamic environment.

Mission Control Expertise

A “Mission Control” to own the end-to-end success of your security mission to mitigate threats and reduce risk – by orchestrating the control plane and implementing, managing, and measuring the effectiveness of the processes required to keep your organization safe.

As the foundation of the MDR+ service, the Microsoft E5 Security stack is the universal control plane that Open Systems Mission Control uses to secure your data and assets – from endpoints and workloads to users and cloud apps. Layering Mission Control on top of the universal control plane gives InfoSec teams security processes that are enabled by underlying tools – so they spend less time processing alerts and have more time for strategic initiatives.

Learn more about how Open System MDR+ with Mission Control is the only managed detection and response service that can protect your organization today and increase your security maturity for tomorrow.

Compare Traditional MDR to
Open Systems MDR+

24x7 monitoring by expert-staffed Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

Incident validation with investigation and response capabilities

Curated threat intelligence for improved detection

Detection and response service leveraging your Microsoft security investments

Advanced threat detection using both human experts and machine learning models

Globally distributed SOCs providing true resiliency against any local disruptions

Tailored protection delivered through a rich understanding of your environment, continuous assessment and prevention, and integration with existing processes

Empowerment of internal teams to better collaborate by creating a single source of truth for meaningful security data

Delivery of actionable security metrics to improve posture and provide security efficacy

MDR service built exclusively for Microsoft customers enabling highly effective threat mitigation and risk reduction

Traditional MDR

Open Systems MDR+

When You Need More, MDR+ Delivers

Our continuous assessment, prevention, detection, and response capabilities are delivered as a fully managed, 24×7 global service. We’ve got you covered.