The Only MDR Built for Microsoft

Make the Most of Your Security Investments

Built on the Microsoft E5 Security stack, Open Systems MDR+ unlocks the value of your existing investments. No need to buy another tool – you’re already invested in what you need for success. The more Microsoft security capabilities you turn on, the stronger your security posture.

Deploying, configuring, managing, and tuning your Microsoft tools – and correlating all the signals to identify threats and risk – takes specialized resources. Our deep Microsoft expertise alleviates this burden for you. And you can be confident that your tools will map to the realities of your organization’s environment.

Any of these challenges sound familiar?

Extracting Value From Tools

You’re all in on Microsoft licenses, and need to maximize your investment

Securing Your Hybrid Environment

You’re migrating to Azure, and must secure your hybrid environment

Seeking Expertise for Enablement

You’re seeking expertise to operationalize Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Sentinel

Universal Control Plane

Making security work for your organization means more than detecting and responding to alerts. The Microsoft E5 Security stack is the universal control plane that enables consistent visibility and control over the users, apps, and data that make up today’s distributed, heterogenous, dynamic environments. This control plane encompasses the full spectrum of cloud adoption, from on-prem to hybrid to multi-cloud, and device type, from mobile phones and laptops to office workstations and servers.

Maximize Your Microsoft Investment

It’s much more than support. MDR+ empowers you to realize the full potential of your investment in the Microsoft E5 Security stack – the universal control plane and the foundation of the MDR+ service. Mission Control uses this control plane to secure your data and assets – from endpoints and workloads to users and cloud apps.

Our singular focus on the Microsoft security ecosystem allows us to optimally deploy, tune, and manage these tools to execute your mission to mitigate threats and reduce risk.

Optimize Microsoft 365 E5 Security

We go beyond collecting logs and alerts from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Our purpose-built, machine-learning models connect the dots between signals from across the Microsoft 365 E5 Security ecosystem and your other security tools. That allows us to separate the complex attacks from the noise – we deliver outcomes, not alerts.

Broader Detection Coverage, Faster

You need to keep up with the fast-moving threat landscape to deliver on your security mission. That's why Rapid Cover operationalizes new Microsoft Security detection capabilities for you in near real time. You’ll get broader threat coverage with no extra effort, all while maximizing the ROI of your security investments.

Learn from Microsoft Experts

Open Systems is a five-time Microsoft Gold Partner and one of the original MSSPs invited to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). We know Microsoft better than anyone. This is backed up by our Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection certification – awarded to only a handful of companies in the world. With MDR+, you get the expertise your need to derive the most value from your Microsoft Security investments.

The Microsoft Workshop Experience

Make sure your organization is MDR-ready by applying to participate in an exclusive Microsoft workshop. Whether you need help developing a sound cloud security strategy or want guidance on deploying Defender, these workshops are fully funded by Microsoft and conducted by our security experts. A limited number of workshop opportunities are available, by nomination only.

Microsoft and Open Systems: How We Engage

Identity and access management governs individuals’ access to an organization’s assets, as one step in enterprise-wide protection. Watch to learn how Microsoft and Open Systems work together for their customers to quickly detect and respond to threats.

When You Need More, MDR+ Delivers

Our continuous assessment, prevention, detection, and response capabilities are delivered as a fully managed, 24×7 global service. We’ve got you covered.