Outcomes, Not Alerts

We improved our MDR so you aren’t flooded with alerts, and your business can keep moving. We’ve built it for modern business operations via a cloud based SIEM, Microsoft Sentinel.

Our SOC analysts are equipped with advanced AI detection and insights to identify threats earlier, determine which ones are real, and prioritize those with the highest potential for damage. We care deeply about our customers’ experience, so we have devised a way to minimize disruption by containing threats quickly and precisely. We call it MDR+.

Contain Threats Before They Impact Your Business

Our MDR+ solution combines human expertise, advanced threat detection processes, and world-class technology enabling you to react earlier in the kill chain.

World-Class SOC

Through our unique DevOps model—built on top of 30+ years of operational excellence—we constantly protect your systems and data against advanced threats.

Dedicated Security Analysts—who have intimate knowledge of specific customer IT environments—ensure the highest quality and most effective threat response.

High Fidelity Detection

Azure Sentinel, with its vast ecosystems, already provides broad data ingestion and detection capabilities.

We combine Sentinel’s native detection capabilities with our enhanced AI-driven threat detection to empower the SOC team by reducing false positives and providing contextual information to see the big picture of a possible security breach.

Rapid Response

Our use cases are enriched with powerful security playbooks that either run automatically or help the Security Analyst in taking the next steps.

Response action can include isolating specific endpoints, automatic lockout of users in Azure AD, and blocking IOCs on network services.

Bring Significant Economic Benefits to Your Security Operations

Read this newly commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting to learn about the measurable benefits of Open Systems MDR+.

Increase Your ROI with Open Systems MDR+

reduction in annual security cost
reduction in security breach cost impact
average breach impact reduction

Get Only the Alerts that Matter

How to Stay Safe in Three Acts

MDR+ Service Plan

The Managed Detection and Response (MDR+) service plan includes continuous monitoring of all valuable digital assets based on network, endpoint, user authentication and other context logs.

MDR+ Service Plan