Next-Gen MDR with Mission Control for Cybersecurity

Open Systems Acquires Tiberium

Open Systems made this acquisition for three reasons:

  • Our shared vision to mitigate risk and reduce security complexity for Microsoft customers
  • Advanced automation and collaboration capabilities will help our customers prioritize, decide, and act quickly to reduce risk
  • Providing localized support for our customers in the UKI market

24x7 Threat Detection and Response

MDR+ is the only managed detection and response service delivering Mission Control for cybersecurity. Built for Microsoft security customers, MDR+ combines certified experts, exemplary processes, and seamless technology to deliver tailored, 24×7 protection while reducing attack surfaces and MTTR.

What You Get
With MDR+

Outcomes, not alerts

Maximize your Microsoft investments
Get tailored, highly effective 24x7 MDR protection
Empower InfoSec with more time and strategic work
Improve your MDR security maturity
Prove the efficacy of your security posture

Achieving Your Mission

We’re with you every step of the way.

See how Mission Control can steer your organization in the right direction, protecting critical assets and increasing your MDR security maturity over time.

Maximize Your Microsoft Investment

MDR+ unlocks the power of Microsoft 365 E5 Security like no other service, and helps you maximize your existing Microsoft security investments. Your security teams will be freed up to take on more strategic initiatives. The result? Security maturity improves and your InfoSec leaders are empowered by the data they need to prove security posture efficacy.

Built for Microsoft

As a Microsoft-vetted partner, we provide our customers with deep insight into the Microsoft 365 E5 Security stack.

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How It Works

See how MDR+ layers Mission Control on top of your Microsoft control plane to deliver on your mission.

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Security Services

We’ll help you secure and optimize your Microsoft environment to realize the full potential of your MDR security investments.

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Weather the Perfect Storm

MDR+ provides shelter today and improves the security forecast for tomorrow.

The ROI of MDR+

See how Open Systems MDR+ pays for itself in less than six months.

Return on investment
In three-year benefits
< 6 mos
Payback period

Empower SecOps with Actionable Insights

Reporting is a key output of the MDR+ service. Our Action Reports empower your SecOps teams with insights to answer three critical questions: What do I need to do? What decisions should I make? What do I need to communicate and to whom? This helps you drive your security program forward and gives you the data to prove security efficacy –so you can increase collaboration between teams.


This add-on service for Open Systems MDR+ managed detection and response leverages Microsoft Defender for IoT to deliver 24×7 monitoring of your IoT and OT assets.

When You Need More, MDR+ Delivers

Our continuous assessment, prevention, detection, and response capabilities are delivered as a fully managed, 24×7 global service. We’ve got you covered.