What are MDR Services?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services give companies the security technologies and security operations center (SOC) experts they need to mature their cybersecurity posture. Typically, MDR services offer advanced analytics and human resources at a cost-effective price for security management.

While MDR service providers offer proprietary security technologies, they primarily focus on offering services that companies are unable to afford when looking to hire full-time staff to engage in threat hunting, incident response, and advanced threat detection.

What MDR Services Are Offered?

Threat Hunting

MDR service providers have access to advanced threat intelligence resources so that their security experts can actively look for Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

Incident Response

With a complete team of security analysts, MDR services offer 24-7 incident response capabilities and real-time communication to help customers detect, respond, and recover from security events.

Advanced Threat Detection

With on-call experts who use high-fidelity alerts and sophisticated endpoint security technologies, MDR services provide the practices and processes necessary to detect attacks that bypass traditional security controls.

An Overwhelmed SOC Team May Cause Security Errors

Cloud environments are “noisy,” meaning that they generate a lot of data. The data often turns into alerts, many of which are false positives which leads to alert fatigue. 

SOC teams either spend a lot of time investigating these false positives or ignore them. The overwhelming amount of alerts and investigative work is time-consuming and can lead to human error.

Why Augment a SOC team with a Security Service?

The MDR service provider’s team can analyze the security incident to provide full forensics to the SOC team. This MDR service reduces the time and cost that comes with investigation, response, and recovery. Also, it reduces the burdens placed on over-extended SOC teams, helping them achieve better security outcomes. 

Augmenting a SOC team with MDR services alleviates alert fatigue by giving SOC teams access to high-fidelity alerts and experts who can help them manage security more efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of An MDR Service?

With MDR services, customers get access to advanced threat intelligence and detection technologies. They also get experts who can suggest effective response activities. The security analytics and response experts reduce Mean Time to Respond (MTTD) and malicious actor dwell time. These reduce data breach risks and costs, especially with advanced persistent threats (APTs) rising. 

The fully collaborative model helps companies take a business-risk-driven approach. Customers work with the service provider to align response activities to business risk. By collaborating with the MDR service, the customer’s internal team spends less time explaining the business goals and more time working on security.

Open Systems MDR+

Open Systems MDR+ with Mission Control is the only managed detection and response service that protects customers today and increases their security maturity for tomorrow. Built for Microsoft security customers, MDR+ combines certified experts, exemplary processes, and seamless technology to deliver tailored, 24×7 protection while reducing attack surfaces and MTTR.