Cybersecurity Monitoring

What is Cyber Security Monitoring and Its Key Metrics?

IT professionals in charge of today’s cyber security operations face a relentless onslaught of increasingly sophisticated threats. One of the best ways to defend against cyber vulnerabilities is by continuously observing an IT system. This involves cyber security monitoring that looks for data breaches and current cyber threats. The increase in cloud-based applications has also pushed cloud computing and cyber security to the forefront of cyber security operations.

Two key methods to enhance your cyber security operations are network detection and threat detection. You can perform these in-house—typically in a security operations center (SOC)—or outsource these functions to a service provider. If you’re setting up an in-house SOC, the process starts with staffing it with threat detection and response experts. Next, you will need to source and vet the best cyber security monitoring tools. You will also want to develop an incident response plan so that even during a breach, your staff is primed to respond as early in the incident cycle as possible and according to best practices.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Cyber Security Metrics

Cybersecurity metrics can and should be tracked to ensure the efficiency of your security projects. Good cyber security metrics—combined with effective cyber security monitoring—empower your teams to fight the malicious threat actors with the right solutions. Cyber security metrics identify weaknesses, determine trends to better utilize security resources, and assess the success or failure of your cyber security operations.

As part of a sound cyber security monitoring regime, cyber security metrics—including the correct KPIs—quantify all the tools to facilitate decision-making to reduce the chance a cyber vulnerability will result in a breach. Easy-to-understand cyber security KPIs will also help you communicate cyber vulnerability and security performance to non-technical personnel.

Does your organization have a process for cyber security monitoring, and, if so, what cyber security metrics and KPIs do you use to gauge its effectiveness?

Open Systems' Cyber Security Monitoring

Many organizations lack the expertise, budget, or desire to build an in-house SOC, including a robust cyber security monitoring/incident response capability. The challenge is not trivial. For example, even if you had an unlimited budget, skilled security analysts are hard to recruit and retain.

Open Systems addresses these cyber security operations challenges with advanced monitoring, threat cyber security monitoring, advanced threat detection, and incident response as managed solutions. Open Systems’ global team of seasoned experts can monitor your network for threats 24/7.

Contact an Open Systems team member to learn more about advanced cyber security monitoring solutions. Our tools and team of global experts can help to spot cyber vulnerabilities while reducing the burden of managing cloud computing and cyber security on today’s resource-constrained teams.