Endpoint Detection & Response

Detect Breaches Early And Find Their Root Causes

The Open Systems EDR solution is based on industry-leading technology. Operating continuously and reporting suspicious events within minutes of their occurrence, Open Systems EDR enables our security experts to respond rapidly to a suspected compromise.

EDR provides comprehensive logs of endpoint activity — even for devices not always connected to the network — that drastically increase the effectiveness of incident response.

Endpoint Detection and Response Delivers

Complete Visibility and Centralized Recording

We capture all activity and monitor continuously

Continuous Watchlist tuning

Constantly updated and customized watchlists

Real-Time Response

Quick response to incidents with customized alerting

Benefit from
Our Experts

Our L3 engineers triage events and escalate for you

Deliver Critical Monitoring and Fast Analysis of Your Endpoint Devices

What’s the Difference in our EDR?

Top-Level People

Talk to engineers with the skills to tackle and resolve highly complex technical issues

Seamless Incident Response

An integrated international network of incident response and security teams

Validated Process

Operations that are assessed and reported on annually by an independent auditor


The MDR+ service plan includes continuous monitoring of the endpoint, automated, rule-based detection of suspicious endpoint activity as well as threat analysis and containment on the endpoint through expert-level engineers in our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC).