Protecting your organization against cyberattacks isn’t simply about having the right tools, it’s about knowing how to use them. That means making the most of your security technology investments, by effectively operationalizing them to reduce risk, mitigate threats and continuously improve the strength of your security posture. This is why it's not only imperative to add MXDR to your security solution but to also partner with an MXDR expert who can maximize your investment.

What is MXDR?

Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) is a cybersecurity solution that builds on previous generations such as MDR and XDR to provide both tech and human support in threat hunting. MXDR provides 24x7 monitoring and detection or continuously managed threat hunting. WIth the increased advancement of threats, MXDR is needed in the cybersecurity landscape to facilitate in-house efforts and fill the gap for lack of security.

How Does MXDR Work?

One of the main reasons for choosing MXDR is to fill the gap in lack of security staff, security knowledge gaps, increase in threats and shortage of talent. MXDR system combines security professionals with unmatched tech speed and capabilities to deliver 24/7 monitoring, detection and response throughout a company's network and endpoints. MXDR also has vulnerability management capabilities to detect vulnerabilities in an organization's digital environment. Find out how Open Systems has been verified as an MXDR solution provider.

„Angesichts der derzeitigen wirtschaftlichen Unsicherheit und des anhaltenden Fachkräftemangels benötigen Unternehmen eine umfassende Sicherheit, die es ihnen ermöglicht, ohne grössere Ausgaben mehr zu schützen“, heisst es in einem aktuellen Blogbeitrag von Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Security, Compliance, Identity and Management.

For customers who want to standardize on the Microsoft security stack, it’s critical to partner with an MXDR provider that knows how to maximize their investment. As the 2022 Microsoft Security MSSP of the Year, Open Systems MDR+ is a next-generation managed detection and response (MDR) service specifically designed to do just that. And we are proud to announce our latest recognition as a verified Microsoft MXDR solution provider.

MDR with Unrivaled Microsoft MXDR Focus and Expertise

Open Systems MDR+ operationalizes Microsoft’s extensive XDR security suite and augments it with threat hunting, proprietary threat detection, and orchestrated response to protect customers around the clock. Our unrivaled Microsoft focus and MXDR expertise provides three key benefits for Microsoft security customers:

  1. Tool Consolidation Without Compromise: Unlike other MXDR providers that only support Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, MDR+ leverages the entire Defender 365 XDR suite and additional solutions like Defender for IoT and Azure AD. By operationalizing all the Microsoft MXDR security solutions, MDR+ enables customers to rely on the Microsoft security stack and consolidate their security portfolio while ensuring their entire attack surface is covered.
  2. Fast Coverage Against the Latest Threats: Thanks to our exclusive focus on Microsoft and MXDR, MDR+ rapidly reduces the time required to adopt new signals and capabilities released in Microsoft security controls. This results in faster coverage against the latest threats across your growing attack surface.
  3. Aufrechterhaltung der Datenresidenz: Die zugrundeliegende Architektur von MDR+ verwaltet die Daten unserer Kunden in ihrer Microsoft Sentinel-Instanz. Somit können selbst die strengsten Anforderungen an die Datenresidenz erfüllt und die Gesamtkomplexität reduziert werden.

Während die Kunden immer mehr Komponenten des Microsoft Security Stacks übernehmen, integriert MDR+ die neuen Telemetriequellen und -funktionen in unseren 24x7 Managed Service.

Get Started with Microsoft MXDR verified Open Systems MDR+

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