Ogi Stanovcic has been with Open Systems for more than two decades, and his passion for cybersecurity made him an enthusiastic advocate for partnering with Microsoft.

Luckily for both companies – and for enterprises that use their solutions – Ogi got his wish.

Microsoft and Open Systems have become close partners, working to protect enterprises from cyberattacks. This is noteworthy given the growing threat landscape and the fact that more than a million companies worldwide use Microsoft to operate their businesses.

Ogi, general manager-cloud at Open Systems, recently shared insights about what enterprises need to consider as they work to protect their IT environments, the value of having expert cybersecurity talent, the need for consistent processes – or what we at Open Systems call cybersecurity missions, and the partnership between managed detection and response (MDR) expert Open Systems and cloud, cybersecurity and IT leader Microsoft.

Enterprises Are At a Growing Risk of Falling Victim to Cyberattacks

The widespread availability and adoption of broadband connectivity, cloud services and mobile devices enabled workforces to be more distributed even before the pandemic hit. In recent years, COVID-19 containment efforts took work-from-home to a whole new level. Organizations’ data, devices and people will continue to be more and more dispersed in the long term. This continues to increase the potential attack surface at these enterprises.

At the same time, ransomware and other cyberattacks continue to capture headlines. As if that wasn’t enough, U.S. government officials, industry analysts and others are now raising the alarm about killware, a cyberthreat variant “made to intentionally cause death.”

All of that makes secure connections, monitoring and authenticated identities more important than ever, Ogi noted during a recent Microsoft The Digitizer podcast. Ogi added that it doesn’t matter from where, when or with which devices employees connect, businesses must make sure they are protected 24/7 and can operate without interruption.

Many Organizations Have the Right Technologies, But Lack the Needed Expertise

The good news is that many enterprises have existing Microsoft security investments.

However, as Ogi explained during the podcast, many of these same organizations lack the necessary in-house resources to take full advantage of their Microsoft technology.

That’s not surprising considering that cybersecurity experts are so hard to find and that you need several experts to protect yourself around the clock. ISACA research indicates that 57% of organizations have unfilled cybersecurity positions and that 70% of its survey respondents said that fewer than half of their cybersecurity applicants are well qualified.

Open Systems Has the Experts to Protect You and Maximize Your Investments

This raises an important point: Exactly what is meant by the term cybersecurity expert?

During the podcast, Ogi said that bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell suggests you must have 10,000 hours of experience doing something to be considered an expert. There’s much debate over the 10,000-hour rule. But the point is that experience and training matter.

Open Systems has the needed Microsoft mastery to enable businesses to get the most out of their Microsoft investments. Our global Mission Control security operation centers (SOCs) are staffed 24x7 by certified experts who are qualified through more than 400 hours of bespoke training and testing in addition to Microsoft certifications. These experts employ a single-pane-of-glass, machine learning-enhanced platform for high-fidelity detection and comprehensive data to detect threats and make critical decisions accurately and rapidly. We have been deployed this approach in approximately 10,000 locations in 184 countries.

As a five-time Microsoft Gold Partner, we enable enterprises around the world to maximize their Microsoft implementations. We recently earned a Microsoft Partner Network program advanced specialization in threat protection. In addition to all of that, we also offer technical expertise for Microsoft Azure security services and cloud platform.

We Deliver Crazy Good Cybersecurity That Goes Beyond Expectations

With top-quality talent and technology, the right data to understand threats as they emerge and plenty of advance planning to make sure we’re ready when cyberthreats arise, Open Systems delivers predictable outcomes that result in increased resilience for our customers.

We care passionately about keeping our customers safe. Our cybersecurity experts embody that value by dedicating themselves to solving customer problems – whatever it takes. And as Ogi’s long history with Open Systems exemplifies, we succeed at keeping expert talent.

We get security, IT and business on the same page to protect organizations, enable compliance and optimize investments. As Ogi noted, this frees up enterprises to explore new possibilities and know that they can do new and exciting things in a secure way.

We collaborate with our customers at the onset of our work with them to create playbooks. These playbooks allow us to execute rigorous, repeatable security missions – inspired by the astronauts and engineers at NASA – that lead to optimal, predictable results for customers.

And we continue to leverage Microsoft technology, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Sentinel, to deliver a proven managed detection and response (MDR) service that simplifies cybersecurity for our customers in an increasingly complex world.

That way, whatever cyberthreats our customers may face, they have the right stuff.