If you’re a typical CISO, you and your team are working hard – too hard in fact – to protect your organization. Sure, you wish you could all get more sleep, but there isn’t really any option other than moving fast to put out fires … or is there?

Well, there has to be, because the threat environment is only becoming more dire and continuing the way you have won’t be enough – there simply aren’t enough hours in a day.

Our white paper “The Perfect Storm” has insights regarding the changing threat landscape and the current state-of-affairs that CISOs need to understand to sufficiently improve their cybersecurity postures.

Here are a few highlights.

(Not) Working 9 to 5

The members of your IT and SecOps teams work regular shifts, just like other employees, but their bad actor counterparts aren’t punching a time clock – they do their dirty work when it suits them. They happily strike on weekends, holidays and generally whenever they think it’s to their advantage, which causes the volume of attacks to vary greatly week-to-week and month-to-month. This in turn, makes scheduling enough security staff for peak times complicated indeed.

Warning! Warning! Your Attack Surface is Expanding

No one knows better than CISOs that their organizations attack surfaces grew 10x (or more) when the pandemic forced employees to work from home. However, with all of these thousands of end points making thousands of remote connections, the number of alerts has exploded. Naturally the overwhelming majority are false positives, but their sheer volume makes it harder to identify the actual threats hidden among.

New Threats = New Tools?

The solution to new threats has often been to deploy new tools, and it’s still the right thing to do if you listen vendors of such point security products. However, before you sign any purchase orders, it’s important to understand the limitations of this approach and how it may actually make your organization less secure.

Ultimately, the real solution to improving cybersecurity is to give CISOs and their teams the right mix of tools, technologies and partners that will allow them to focus on containing and eliminating actual threats so they’re no longer in a perpetual “firefighting mode.”

And they need the help now, because truly, Winter is Coming.