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SASE: The Network of the Future is Here Today

SASE: The Network of the
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Why Open Systems

Dave MartinOctober 14, 2020

Our MDR Service Wins Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award!

Our new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service has received a lot of attention from potential enterprise customers and security industry experts alike. Among these experts are the analysts at Gartner who recently named Open Systems a “Representative Vendor” in its latest MDR Market Guide, and the judges who just crowned it a winner of a Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award for 2020.

Before I breakout the champagne, let me review three reasons why our MDR service does indeed deserve these accolades.

Unmatched Managed Service Expertise

The first thing to note is our unmatched managed service expertise.

Unlike the startups suddenly crowding the MDR field, we have delivered managed services for 30 years and have continuously refined our processes and procedures to ensure customers are on-boarded quickly and receive “white glove” service from Day 1. Additionally, our DevSecOps engineers and security analysts are genuine experts who must complete 400 hours of hands-on training and pass our rigorous certification testing before they can service customers.

Advanced Detection Capabilities

Complementing our management advantages are the advanced detection capabilities of our service.

Rather than simply forwarding often meaningless alerts, we derive real insights by combining data with context. We do this by ingesting data from multiple sources (customers’ security stacks, EDR and NDR sensors, VPN payloads, etc.), normalizing it and combining it with over 200 playbooks for more context-aware analysis.

For example, instead of just blocking recognized users attempting to logon from unknown IP addresses, we can evaluate other criteria to make much more intelligent and informed decisions. In this situation we could determine if the requests are coming from compliant endpoints by confirming if they are company-supplied devices, validating that all security updates are current, etc.

Well-Defined Response Capabilities

And as good as our MDR service is at detecting threats, we didn’t skimp when it came to its response capabilities, because you need both in order to identify and contain threats as early as possible in the cyber kill chain.

We have a well-defined escalation process to ensure we respond to threats promptly according to each customer’s customized incident response plan. This includes “pre-authorizing” us to contain threats automatically in certain situations, rather than waiting to review options with customers.

Seconds count during a breach, so we take ownership of outcomes.

Our MDR Service

I’m sure you understand now why our MDR service has been getting so much attention, and how it really does put the M, D and R in MDR.