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Ogi Stanovcic | July 22, 2020

Open Systems Gets Inspired by Microsoft!

Our collaborative relationship with Microsoft continues to deepen and several notable events leading up to – and during – this year’s Inspire conference show the progress we have made.

Recognized on Stage

The most visible example occurred during the Day 1 keynote of Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner (OCP), when she noted the success of our new Born in the Cloud (BITC) division in addressing the critical COVID-related security issues of dozens of customers, highlighting in particular their efforts for a major medical research institution.

She explained “Born in the Cloud had built machine learning models that were based on 15,000 employees being on campus. But when they sent thousands of workers home due to the pandemic, the models broke, because everyone was logging-in from somewhere else. They quickly realized it and retrained the models in just 48 hours using Microsoft Azure AI. So, the medical center’s systems, their employees, and all their patient data were better protected against a cyberattack.”

Just working together to solve this joint customer’s security challenge was both thrilling and gratifying in itself. But having the head of Microsoft’s channel program herself recognize our efforts at this landmark event with more than 50,000 participants, that is an honor we’ll always cherish

Her statement also confirms what we already knew when acquiring BITC earlier this year: that BITC’s “dream team” of architects, engineers and developers are the “go to” experts for solving enterprises’ most demanding Azure Sentinel requirements.

In fact, we first met BITC when working with the same clients in collaboration with Microsoft. The depth of their expertise and ability to solve the toughest challenges were immediately obvious and we quickly recognized our complementary synergies.

Joining MISA

We were further honored to be one of a very select group of handpicked MSSPs that Microsoft invited to join its Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). This allows enterprises to use our new cloud-native Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to maximize the Microsoft security products they have already invested in, enabling cyberthreats to be detected and contained early in the “kill chain.”

Our MDR service is an ideal fit for MISA thanks to its combination of AI automation and 24x7 monitoring by our highly experienced security engineers, which alleviates the challenges of building and staffing a security operations center (SOC). We also leverage the exceptional SIEM capabilities of Microsoft Azure Sentinel as the “heart” of our MDR service, using it to ingest and parse data from customers’ security stacks to identify true positives and suspicious behavior requiring evaluation by our security engineers.

More to Come

We’ve accomplished a lot with Microsoft in a short time, but there is more to do as more and more enterprises adopt Azure and Azure Sentinel for their business and security benefits. Fortunately, we’re here when you need us. Our MDR service and BITC’s Microsoft-savvy engineers can help enterprises make the most of their Microsoft cloud and cybersecurity investments.

If we can accomplish this much in less than a year, just imagine what we’ll be able to announce at next year’s Inspire!