Digital transformation is happening everywhere, and for every organization undergoing a digital transformation, there is impact across all areas – from executive management, to staff on the ground, from IT and technology to the Security teams working to ensure adoption, reliability, and long-lasting assurance. Whether change incorporates SaaS solutions or developing a custom digital solution for their organization, all of these teams need to work together well. Success depends on it.

Digital risk has never been higher. And no matter the approach, to be successful, great security requires great teamwork.

We like to think at Open Systems that customer success is embedded into our culture. We care about delivering a good experience for our customers – it is at the core of our DNA as a company. And we couldn’t do it without our partners, who help us ensure our customers’ success. Modern organizational teams are quite global. In addition to a global presence in Europe, Canada, India, and the U.S., which has enabled our teams to provide that support to customers worldwide, Open Systems has a multifaceted approach to cybersecurity.

Focus on what makes the customer distinct

As a global services provider, Open Systems cultivates a sense of teamwork when working with our customers. Every customer is different, and although there are some commonalities and repeatable processes we use, accommodating these differences is an area where we excel.

We also establish an effective working cadence with each customer’s CISO and security team, which results in a tailored solution, rather than a one-size-fits-all service. At the start of many engagements, we find that the process unites a customer’s IT and Security teams, which often helps foster greater collaboration and trust. Our customers benefit from those relationships, since they drive better outcomes – including, in some cases, enhancing communications within the customer’s organization.

Hire thinkers who can go beyond the playbook

As we’ve grown the Open Systems MDR+ managed detection and response service, we’ve added employees quickly, but have remained very selective in hiring. We hire people who have experience and will work well within our teams. A side effect is that in general, these people work well as part of the team established with each customer. The market is quite tough, and some vendors have focused on hiring for quantity, in order to scale. To some extent, we do this as well, since cybersecurity operations require all kinds of skill sets, from the most basic through expert levels. For us, it’s critical to hire people with expertise, who can follow the MDR+ playbooks but also be able to think through a problem and apply their expertise as unexpected situations arise.

The same goes for leadership. Top cybersecurity leaders are able to get down in the trenches with everyone on the team, at every level. Whether you’re working side-by-side with a junior analyst, or you’re an engineer learning from someone who’s more experienced, everyone has to work together.

Enable communication that drives collaboration

Working together effectively requires good communication, and at Open Systems, we facilitate an environment that allows teammates at all levels to question things that don’t seem right, knowing anyone can raise an issue or suspicious finding if necessary, and allow a colleague to confirm. In cyber, nothing is black and white – there are many gray areas – and it’s about using the context, communications, and data you have to reinforce your decision to take action or not.

A proper security program also employs the right people, who are available at the right time, to deal with things as they happen. Effective cybersecurity requires highly effective communication and collaboration between those people. For example, if you detect someone in your network and IT blocks them, they might move off into the distance and wreak havoc on the investigation. Or, if you require too many levels of approval, a SOC analyst may be too scared to block a machine. As we help the customer respond to these issues, we often find they catalyze their internal stakeholders to pull together as a team.

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we should all take the opportunity to up our game, working together to collaborate in defeating bad actors, since cybersecurity is a team sport.